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Our Most Popular Varieties

The Idaho Potato Commission is proud of the many varieties that we promote. From the popular Russet Burbank to the delectable Cal Red. Click on the photo description below to find out more about each variety including the appearance, flavor profile and recommended usage.

Russet Burbank

Russet Norkotah

All Blue

Alturas Russet

Ama Rosa

Bannock Russet


Blazer Russet

Cal Red

Classic Russet

Clearwater Russet

French Fingerling

Huckleberry Gold

Ida Rose



Premier Russet

Purple Passion

Purple Peruvian

Ranger Russet

Red La Soda

Red Thumb Fingerling

Ruby Crescent

Russian Banana

Terra Rosa

Umatilla Russet

Western Russet

Yellow Finn

Yukon Gem

Yukon Gold