Aristocrat In Burlap
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In the activities of national public relations and consumer education, Ogilvy and Mather had purchased DAY and reshaped account service policies and personnel. The IPC decided to review national PR firms and Creamer, Dickson & Basford of New York became the new PR practitioners for Idaho® potatoes.

Export business was also being pursued by the Idaho potato industry, and the IPC decided to register its trademarks in Japan and attempt to open up that market. To assist in the effort, the Asahi agency was retained to conduct a study for the IPC and assist in the trademark-registration process.

With a new PR agency and a new foodservice agency in place, the Commission decided to review the consumer advertising-agency service, as well. When the review was announced, it was to include DDB Needham, but the agency executives made the decision to resign the account and not be a contender in the competitive presentations. The San Francisco office of Young and Rubicam was selected and, at this writing, is conducting its second national advertising campaign for the world's most famous potato.

In general, many talented and dedicated people at the several agencies that have been involved have lent their energies to the advertising and promotion of Idaho® potatoes. With continued success in the marketplace, the growth of the Idaho® potato industry and its promotional programs will only be limited by the quantity of potatoes that can be grown in the Gem State.

With the amount of competition that exists in food marketing, it is extremely unlikely that the Idaho® potato industry will ever be without a substantial advertising program and a national advertising agency to plan, create, and communicate the Idaho advertising message to the American public.

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