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In 1973, a change in the law, which made the Potato Commission custodian of their own funds, made possible the transfer of the field-merchandising activities directly to the Idaho Potato Commission office.

Changing marketing conditions also called for a reassessment of priorities as far as calls were concerned. With produce jobbers and brokers handling a smaller portion of the total volume in the marketing of potatoes, field merchandisers began making calls on chain-store buyers and produce-merchandising executives and spending less time with the decreasing numbers of produce brokers and jobbers in the major terminal markets. The long-established practice of traveling continually and having no home address was also changed. Milt Maclin took up residence in Dallas, Texas; Robert Reichert named New Jersey as his home base, however keeping his home near Filer, Idaho; and Clyde Domeny established his home in Boise. The change enabled the field staff to live more-conventional lives.

The Idaho industry became more and more dependent on the work of the market-relations directors (a new title), and requests for additional field activity prompted the Commission to add to the staff. Reichert changed from making market calls and became a PR spokesman for Idaho® potatoes under the direction of Dudley, Anderson, Yutzy, appearing on TV talk shows in major cities. His activities were taken over by George Fisher in the Northeast and, in 1978, two additional people, William Harper and Frieda Poulos, were hired to work in the Midwest and the far Western U.S. respectively. Poulos had the distinction of being the first female field representative for Idaho and one of few in the produce industry.

In 1979, Dick Reissig joined the group when George Fisher dropped field work for another produce-industry position. In 1980, there were six people in the field Clyde Domeny, Frieda Poulos, Milt Maclin, Dick Reissig, Bill Harper, and the latest addition, Dick Rath.

Clyde Domeny's retirement after two and a half decades of distinguished service and Bill Harper's and Dick Reissig's resignations resulted in the hiring of Bill Hartz in 1984 and the staff became relatively stable until 1989 when Macun and Rath also retired. The two were replaced by Larry Whiteside in the Midwest and Don Luchka in the Southeast.

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