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Premier Russet

Premier Russet


A product of the cooperative USDA/ARS/University of Idaho breeding program in Aberdeen. From a 1993 cross between two varieties. It has been evaluated for several years in public and industry trials throughout the western United States.


A mid- to late-season variety notable for its high yield of oblong to long, medium-russet-color tubers, high specific gravity, excellent fry color from cold storage, and resistance to sugar ends. Brown skin color and white flesh interior.

Flavor Profile:

Culinary quality is high, with larger tubers suitable for fresh market.


Good yields of larger-size 12 oz. and larger tubers versus the Russet Burbank. Its resistance to the accumulation of sugars during long-term storage also makes it suitable for processing out of storage into french fries. Makes excellent mashed potatoes and dry, fluffy baked potatoes.