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Umatilla Russet

Umatilla Russet


The Umatilla Russet was jointly released by Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and the USDA Agricultural Research Service in 1998. This cultivar has attributes that make it an excellent choice for frozen processing.


Attributes include a high specific gravity, good fry color, uniform tuber shape, and good resistance to internal physiological disorders. The Umatilla produces significantly more U.S. No. 1 tubers of 12 oz. or larger than the Russet Burbank typically does.

Flavor Profile:

Taste test panels have rated the flavor and texture of the Umatilla to be at least as good as or better than the Russet Burbank.


Grown for fresh and frozen french fry processing, with fry colors lighter than the Russet Burbank. In general, the Umatilla Russet has less glucose and sucrose accumulation in storage compared to the Russet Burbank.