Would It Be Better To Freeze, Keep, Or Toss My Potato Salad?


I made homemade potato salad last night and immediately refrigerated it. Just got a call the dinner is cancelled - flu! How long will the potato salad last? Will it help to freeze the potato salad and thaw slowly, because the dinner is rescheduled for next weekend.


I would make sure the refrigerated container is closely sealed next to the potato salad mixture to keep out any additional oxygen from discoloring the potatoes and they should last a week. Of course, I don’t know your recipe. If it contains eggs, I’d start over. If store bought mayo that’s probably fine as the ingredients are pasteurized and have stabilizers. Home-made mayonnaise, toss. Vinaigrette, OK to keep. Sour cream could also break down or curdle over time. Pickles or a little acidity actually helps in the preserving the flavors. Celery might get limp. Olives, fine.

The potatoes should freeze if you choose to do this, but I’d be more worried about the potato salad's dressing.

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