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What to do With Leftover Mashed Idaho® Potatoes

Nov 8, 2010
Q: Is there anything interesting to do with leftover mashed Idaho® potatoes?
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What to do With Leftover Baked Idaho® Potatoes

Nov 5, 2010
Q: Is there anything interesting to do with leftover baked Idaho® potatoes?
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Sugar Content in Idaho® Potatoes

Nov 3, 2010
Q: I saw something on the Pocatello, Idaho news about fresh potatoes being excluded from the WIC programs for purchasing fruit or vegetables. The quote that disturbed me was that someone who owned a health store there was quoted as saying that a large potato contains a cup of sugar. Is that possible?
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What Idaho® Potato Variety Should I Use for Fresh Cut French Fries?

Nov 1, 2010
Q: Do you have a recommendation as to what variety of Idaho® potato I should use for making fresh cut French fries?
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Potassium and Idaho® Potatoes

Oct 29, 2010
Q: I heard that Idaho® potatoes have more potassium than a banana. Can that possibly be true?
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Mashed or Smashed Idaho® Potatoes for Thanksgiving?

Oct 27, 2010
Q: Should I mash or smash Idaho® potatoes for Thanksgiving?
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How to Make the Perfect Baked Potato

Oct 25, 2010
Q: Is it OK to bake my Idaho® potatoes in foil?
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Global Idaho® Potato Flavors

Oct 13, 2010
Q: How can I experiment with global flavors for potatoes?
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Fabulous Brunch Ideas

Oct 11, 2010
Q: Any ideas on how to knock people over with a fabulous brunch?
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Is it OK to Snack on Raw Idaho Potatoes?

Oct 8, 2010
Q: As a child, I would often sneak raw cut up Idaho potatoes from my mom's stew fixin’s.  I have never heard anyone else say they like them!  Is it safe to eat raw potatoes?
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