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Breakfast Burritos

May 14, 2010
Q: Recently I saw an article about Denver restaurants comparing breakfast burritos and noticed that all of them included potatoes, eggs and some form of chili wrapped in a tortilla.  Do you have a recipe that might be a little more unique that we could try in our place?
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Do Potato Farmers Have Separate Fields for Their Personal Consumption?

May 12, 2010
Q: We buy really nice Idaho potatoes at our local Costco and we love them.  Recently I have been hearing that potato farmers have separate fields for their personal consumption because they don't like all the chemicals and pesticides used on the potatoes sent to market.  Is this true?
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Making Hash Browns Ahead of Time

May 10, 2010
Q: What is the best way to make fresh hashbrowns and then freeze them for future use?
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Just Say NO to Wrapping Potatoes in Aluminum Foil

May 6, 2010
Q: Someone told me it is bad to wrap my potatoes in foil before baking. Why?
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Idaho® Potato Picnic Salads

Apr 28, 2010
Q: With warmer weather just around the corner, do you have any tips for picnic potato salads?
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Grill Crazy

Apr 26, 2010
Q: It is BBseason soon…how can I compete with the wonderful smoked flavor customers can do at home with their grills?
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Food Safety with Idaho® Potato Salads

Apr 22, 2010
Q: Now that the warm weather is coming this way, can you explain more about the food safety issues of serving an Idaho® potato salad on a hot day?
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Fresh French Fry Tips

Apr 20, 2010
Q:    My fresh fries keep turning out limp, do you have any suggestions?
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Idaho® Potatoes at an Irish Pub

Apr 9, 2010
Q: We are an Irish pub and want to participate in our local township beer and food festival. Any suggestions on what to serve at our booth?
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Serving Idaho Potatoes at a Charity Event

Apr 7, 2010
Q: Do you have any suggestions for serving potatoes at our local charity events?
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