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Mashed or Smashed Idaho® Potatoes for Thanksgiving?

Oct 27, 2010
Q: Should I mash or smash Idaho® potatoes for Thanksgiving?
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How to Make the Perfect Baked Potato

Oct 25, 2010
Q: Is it OK to bake my Idaho® potatoes in foil?
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Global Idaho® Potato Flavors

Oct 13, 2010
Q: How can I experiment with global flavors for potatoes?
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Fabulous Brunch Ideas

Oct 11, 2010
Q: Any ideas on how to knock people over with a fabulous brunch?
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Is it OK to Snack on Raw Idaho Potatoes?

Oct 8, 2010
Q: As a child, I would often sneak raw cut up Idaho potatoes from my mom's stew fixin’s.  I have never heard anyone else say they like them!  Is it safe to eat raw potatoes?
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Dinner Meal and Side Dish Ideas

Oct 6, 2010
Q: I don’t want to shop tonight, any suggestions for a dinner meal or side dish?
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How to Insure Customers are Receiving Hot, Delicious French Fries

Oct 4, 2010
Q: Because of the cost of running a business and making a profit I just terminated a program I had for a mystery shopper to visit my restaurants and give me advise on how to improve the guest/customer experience.  One of the things I am concerned about is how to keep my food standards high without using this service as a check and balance.  The potato question has to do with how fast a customer gets their order of fries and whether or not they are delivered hot.  Any suggestions?
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Making a Signature Dish with Idaho Potatoes

Oct 1, 2010
Q: How can I make my Idaho potatoes a signature or special item on the menu?
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Favorite Memory of a Potato Dish

Sep 29, 2010
Q: Do you have a favorite memory of any potato dish that was on the menu at a restaurant that sticks in your mind and why?
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Why Are My French Fries So Dark?

Sep 24, 2010
Q: My fries (I use frozen shoe string cut potatoes) are too dark. What can I do?
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