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Q&A: Cost Conscious Wedding Reception

Jan 22, 2010
Q: I have a friend who needs some ideas on a cost conscious wedding reception, any potato ideas?
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Using Idaho® Potatoes to Replace Pasta in Recipes

Jan 7, 2010
Q: Any suggestions for using potatoes to replace pasta in a recipe?
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Q&A: Historical Potato Items

Jan 6, 2010
Q: What kind of potatoes were served on menus back in the early 1900’s?
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Storing Mashed Idaho® Potatoes In The Refrigerator.

Jan 5, 2010
Q: How long can mashed potatoes be stored in the fridge and still be safe to eat?
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Q&A: Eyes of the Potatoes

Jan 4, 2010
Q: My Grandmother told me that they eyes of the potatoes are poisonous and I shouldn’t eat them, is this true?
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Q & A: How are Fast Food French Fries Made?

Dec 30, 2009
Q: My son wants to know how the French fries he has at fast food chains are made?
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Q & A: French Fry FAQ’s

Dec 28, 2009
Q: I would like to start my own business: fresh cut potatoes and gravy, along with maybe hamburgers or hot dogs.  I need to know the best way to get crispy French fries from fresh cut potatoes.  I need to know the procedure, what is the best type of oil to use, and, in your opinion, what is better to use: regular potatoes or organic potatoes?
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Q & A: Steakhouse Side Dishes

Dec 4, 2009
Q: With all the pressures on getting customers to come back more frequently, and maintain or reduce food costs, do you have any suggestions for our steak house?
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Q & A: Who Invented the Giant Baked Potato?

Dec 2, 2009
Q: Who invented the giant baked potato that you see on steak chain menus such as Del Frisco’s, Morton’s, Ruth Chris, Capital Grille, etc?
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Q & A: Carton Prices for Fresh Idaho® Potatoes

Nov 30, 2009
Q: With all the doom and gloom about the economy, I noticed that carton prices on fresh Idaho® Potatoes are down substantially from last year.  What caused this?
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