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Q & A: Baked Potato Soup

Nov 27, 2009
Q: Who invented baked potato soup?
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Q & A: “Anti-Spudding” Agent and Organic Potatoes

Nov 25, 2009
Q: Are Idaho potatoes that I purchase in the grocery store treated with an anti-spudding agent?  A recent note in Prevention Magazine suggests that consumers pick only organic potatoes for their consumption.  Please advise.
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Mashed Potatoes for a Crowd

Nov 24, 2009
Q: How many fresh Idaho® potatoes do I need to prepare mashed potatoes for a crowd?
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Q&A: Making Money on the Side with Idaho® Potatoes

Nov 20, 2009
Q: I have heard that Steak chains love potatoes as it is a way to offset the cost of the protein.  Is that why some restaurant have a whole section of potato side dishes?
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Q&A: Inexpensive Lunch Entrees using Idaho® Potatoes

Nov 18, 2009
Q: Any suggestions on an inexpensive lunch entrée using Idaho Potatoes?
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Q&A: Potato Salad Safety

Nov 16, 2009
Q: Could you tell me how long it is safe to keep potato salad out of the refrigerator and on a picnic table?  I have been told it is not the mayo or eggs that go bad but something to do with the starch in the that correct?
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Q&A: Railroads and the Idaho Potato

Nov 13, 2009
Q: How did the Idaho Potato become available outside of Idaho and nearby states? It seems like I have always been able to find it wherever I travel.
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Q&A: Re-conditioning Idaho® Potatoes

Nov 9, 2009
Q: Someone told me that my potatoes have too much sugar in them and that is why they fry up dark.  They said I need to “re-condition” the potatoes.  Can you tell me what exactly this means and how long it takes?
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Tips on Holding Mashed Potatoes

Nov 9, 2009
Q: How long can I hold mashed potatoes on my cafeteria line?
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Q&A: Dessert Potatoes

Nov 5, 2009
Q: I know that Idaho potatoes are good for every meal, but I am just curious…have you ever tasted Idaho potatoes as a dessert item?
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