FALL 2023

It All Starts with an Idaho® Potato

Introducing Chef Camille Bustos’ innovative Brave and Bold Potato Takoyaki recipe - a fusion of Japanese street food tradition and Idaho® Potato goodness. Crispy, fluffy potato balls filled with smoked trout, scallions, and bold seasonings, topped with zesty sriracha mayo. A daring and delightful addition to your menu offerings this holiday season and beyond!


Maximize Your Menu Profitability

Our Recipe Profitability Calculator helps you assess the profitability of incorporating Idaho® Potatoes into your menu offerings. Whether you're a chef, restaurant owner, or foodservice operator, this tool empowers you to make informed decisions that maximize both flavor and success. Explore the Profitability Calculator today to unlock the full potential of this versatile and beloved ingredient in your culinary adventures.


Featured Holiday Recipe

Celebrate the holidays with our exquisite Fennel, Leek, and Potato Gratin recipe. This culinary masterpiece combines layers of thinly sliced Idaho® Potatoes, aromatic leeks, and delicate fennel bulbs, bathed in a velvety, herb-infused sauce. Baked to a golden perfection, each forkful delivers a symphony of flavors that will leave your guests in awe.