Ahhh...2021. It’s finally here! As many of us have resolutions to eat healthier and become better versions of ourselves as we start a new year, you’ll be happy to know that naturally fat, cholesterol and gluten-free, vitamin rich Idaho® potatoes can elevate the nutritional value of any meal they’re in. This Asian-inspired Idaho® Potato Mushroom Chicken Hot Pot combines fresh and wholesome ingredients like mushrooms, carrots, spring onions, Idaho® potatoes, chicken breasts and stock with flavorful mix-ins like soy sauce, poultry herbs and crushed red pepper flakes. This slurp-worthy soup is best served the same day and makes for a comforting and filling dinner. Swap out the chicken broth for vegetable broth if you prefer a vegetarian-friendly dish, or add in shrimp instead of chicken for the seafood lovers at your table. Pro Tip: Cook the potatoes for ten minutes and flip them over halfway through until they turn golden brown.  

For more soup and stew recipes, visit the Idaho® Potato website.

Bon appétit...or, as we say in Idaho, Let’s Eat! 

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