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May 28, 2004

The Idaho Potato Commission Backgrounder

For close to 70 years, the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) has been the national authority on the world’s best-loved potato: the Idaho Potato. The IPC consists of nine members - respected individuals who work within the industry – representing growers, shippers and processors. These individuals are nominated by their peers from the Idaho Potato industry and then a finalist is selected to serve by the Idaho state governor. Supporting the members is a full staff based in the IPC headquarters in Boise, ID.
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Jan 1, 2004

How to Eat "Well" in a Restaurant (without Feeling Guilty in the Morning)

Eating out is fun. But as a dedicated "Foodie", you eat out one or several times a week and the fun part needs to be balanced with good sense. Find a way to eat what you like, without going overboard. It will help if you decide ahead of time what you plan to order. Better yet, use the Internet to get the restaurant menu in advance and pre-order what you want - this helps you stick to your gameplan.
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Nov 30, -0001


Eagle ID (November 2016)—When time is short in a hectic kitchen, the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) has created a basic and resource for chefs and culinary students that need experienced guidance for producing perfect mashed potatoes and crisp French fries from frozen potatoes.

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