Coryanne Ettiene

Coryanne Ettiene
Kitchen Living with Coryanne

Coryanne Etienne is a Food and Lifestyle expert for AOL who is passionate about busy kitchen tables, heirloom dishes and food that feeds the soul. Featured in Traditional Home, More, Better Homes and Gardens, and Women’s Day, Coryanne consistently re-imagines classic recipes and infuses them with international flavors that are within everyone’s reach, and is frequently sharing her tips for entertaining and DIY on TV networks across the US. Her message that taste creates a memory, mischief makes the moment and merriment feeds the soul, sits at the heart of everything she does. Coryanne lives in Dallas with her husband, their 3 children, a rather spoiled pup and 5 rescue chickens. 


See what Coryanne has to say about her time in Idaho!

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